Financial Management plays a vital role in the successes of any business. Successful financial management just not happens. It requires a vision of the future combined with discipline and regular monitoring. At Key Business Service, we provide the resources which are essential for the financial management of our clients.

Accounting, bookkeeping & taxation business located in Toronto

As group of Certified General Accountants, Tax & Credit Consultants; we offer our clients a complete computerizes accounting solution, from software setup to staff training and beyond. Our financial services are provided to small and medium size businesses, as well as individuals interested in submitting their personal or corporate tax returns.

When it comes to accounting, it is our experience that one solution does not fit all. Every business has to customize its accounting system to a certain degree, in order to meet its unique business needs. We will take the time to learn about your business and help you to improve the performance of your accounting software and the bookkeeping functions of your office.

For many of our clients, we are the bookkeepers, controllers and act as a liaison with the CRA \ government and the auditors. Our exceptional bookkeeping skills and administrative expertise allow our clients to focus on their business, while we focus on the books.

Key Business Services offers a wide range of services for your unique business needs. We provide high quality, confidential on-site or off-site services depending on your requirements. We Offer:
  • Accounting BOOK KEEPING
  • PAYROLL Management
  • T4 SLIPS
  • Business PLANS
  • BANKRUPTCY Management
  • Proposals and LOAN Consolidation
  • CREDIT Consulting
  • Personal & Corporate Tax RETURNS
  • Audit SUPPORT Facility
  • Asset Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Investment Analysis